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The Plan

Here we are at the beginning of day 5. I'm still sticking to what I'm supposed to be eating and struggling with it less and less every day. I suppose thats the point.

Now here's the plan. For the first two weeks, I'm to eat strictly protein only. Making a point to cut all sugars and carbs. This is difficult because I am  a SUGAR FIEND!! I've always had a sweet tooth, my whole life. I love sugar and carbs together, the ultimate cocktail of  delicious destruction. I love cookies, cakes, ice cream, anything decadent and delicious is my downfall. I get it from my father (who still sneaks oreos out of the kitchen even after hes been diagnosed with diabetes). Add to this that I've been working at Starbucks for three years. They are so sneaky that Starbucks, theres sugar in everything! Its so easy to gradually up your daily sugar intake with a little sample here, one more pump of vanilla in your latte there. It is, afterall, my job to personally sample every new pastry that comes into our store, otherwise how can I make recommendations to innocent unknowing customers? Ha! So I've been frolicking in the sugar coated bliss that is my existence at Starbucks, tap dancing my way to diabetes and sugar addiction. Until now, that is.

The other difficult part of a strict protein only diet is that I'm not a huge fan of meat for the most part. I like chicken, occasionally I'll have a burger, but other than that I typically opt for other, less meaty options or the vegetarian version of things like bacon, sausage, etc. As it stands, I'm forcing myself to choke down 4-6 protein laden meals a day. I'm doing okay so far, but I can't wait to have some veggies!!!

I've sort of fallen into a pretty comfortable routine meal-wise. I eat two eggs over easy with two strips of veggie bacon in the morning, I take a roasted chicken patty and a hardboiled egg to work with me for lunch. Usually midmorning and midafternoon I drink an espresso protein shake that I made up at work. Its half and half, two shots of espresso, 2 scoops of protein powder, 3 pumps of sugar-free caramel and a scoop of ice blended to faux sweet, icy perfection. These really help control my wild sugar cravings while I'm at work because it tastes sort of sweet, but the syrup is carb and sugar free.  And then for dinner I'll have either salmon with a little bit of mayo mixed with lemon juice or chicken. Boring! I'm already going through my recipe book and picking out all the recipes I can make with little or no alterations once I can have fruits and veggies again. 

I wasn't supposed to weigh in until Saturday ( I'm weighing once a week for the first two weeks and then every two weeks thereafter) but I needed some kind of confirmation that I was doing this for a reason. So I weighed myself this morning and found that after 4 full days, I had lost 4 pounds already. Its a miracle!

As for today. Its morning, I have the day off by some miracle of god (not capitalized, is that a sin?) and I think my roommate and I are going hiking.

More later!



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