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Yesterday was a great day. A GREAT day! Ha. I went hiking in the morning with my roommate and my dog (Kimmay and Maizy, respectively). I enjoy hiking, the weather was perfect, I was simultaneously getting a tan, but about halfway up the mountain Maizy started chasing after shade and breathing really fast. She wouldn't take any water and I was afraid she was going to overheat and we would have to carry her down the mountain. So we cut the hike a little short and headed home. We hung out by the pool for a few hours, I went for a cruise in my new bucket (a '93 Toyota Corolla), and then we went out to see Kim's friend spin at Beauty Bar for a little while.

Now, days that I don't have to work are always easier to resist temptation just for the simple fact that I'm not physically handling pastries and creamy delicious frappuccinos all day. However, I still made a mistake. I had a drink at Beauty Bar. I ordered it, I paid for it, took one sip and then realized what I had just done. I had totally forgotten that I wasn't supposed to drink either. So I set it on the counter, thought about how I didn't want to start over so maybe I wasn't going to drink it, but dammit, I paid 10 bucks for it. So I drank it. And I'm not going to start again over one 8 oz. beverage. I just need to make sure not to do it again, even on accident. The good news in this though is that when I drank it, it was so sweet. Too sweet. And my sugar cravings, particularly in the afternoon, are noticeably subsiding. Success! Slowly killing the sugar habit.



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